We are the IFWA and we have a passion for Jetski culture.

The FWA (Freeride Water Craft association) was created in 1999 in California, by Jimbeau Andrews with the intention of regulating a new sport that began to appear internationally, Freeride, which consists of doing jumping and surfing maneuvers with personal watercraft in the ocean. Jimbeau created the statute of the organization and organized the California WaveBash for four years. In 1999, Marcelo “Tchello” Brandão, also organized the first Freeride contest in Brazil, called the Jet Waves, and by coincidence, the regulations created by him were very similar to those of the FWA. At the same time the Jet Jump in France was created, also competing in waves, but with the difference of just judging the jumping maneuvers. Freeride was also alive and well in South Africa, with Jimmy Visser, and together with Brazil they were the first countries to become a part of the FWA. Starting from 2002 the Jet Waves became considered by the FWA as the world championship of freeride.

The event grew, and today is considered by the pilots and the media as one of the most important in the world. Freeride is growing a lot and today it is practiced in several countries, and the intention of the IFWA is to unify the regulations in all of the countries, to integrate them into the association thus strengthening the sport in the world, and also to create a world circuit. In a historical meeting for world Freeride, during the Jet Jump in Montalivet in France, leaders of the FWA, Jet Jump organizers Mr. Jac Mouzan and Patrick Rolland and pilots from various parts of the world decided to unite the regulations, and to create an international entity recognized by the main pilots and organizers in the world. The IFWA (International Freeride Watercraft Association) was born. Since then, Portugal, Spain, Italy and San Martin (responsible for Central America) have joined the new federation, and in 2005 we had the first world championship with 5 rounds, Portugal, Spain, France, USA and Brazil.