2017 Pro FreeRide World Championship Tour Announcement

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April 5, 2017
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May 10, 2017
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2017 Pro FreeRide World Championship Tour Announcement

The International FreeRide Watercraft Association welcomes our athlete members, family and friends to the 2017 PRO FREERIDE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TOUR

The finest FreeRide pilots in the world will compete for cash and prizes, seeking the World Tour trophies in the quest to be the Champion in the World. A six round global competition that will be one of the most challenging competition years to date.

Last season we saw heated competition and the addition of Japan as a member nation. Bringing an entire new group of highly skilled athletes to match their skill in both sit-down/sport class and the traditional stand up class.

This season we have some great surf locations on our calendar that will showcase the highest level of rider skill and provide a challenging experience for our competition pilots. Returning to defend his 2-time title as International FreeRide Champion of the world is Mark Gomez out of Fullerton California. Gomez’s quest for a 3-pete is challenged again by 2016 #2 and #3 pilots Bruno “From Brazil” Jacob from Salvador Bahia and the now famous Monster rider, Abraham Hochstrasser hailing from Cancun Mexico.

A host of other top internationals look to stand in their way, including 5th place Takaaki Murao of Chiba Japan, young stars Hugo Goirre, Ivory Coast Africa and Ryan Savage, the 2017 Huck n Hold winner coming from Victoria Australia to name but a few.

The 2017 Tour kicks off in Biscarrosse France, For IFWA WCT round 1-Jet Jump Extreme, located southwest of Bordeaux. Moving the following weekend to IFWA WCT round 2-Battle of the Pilots at Fistral Beach, Newquay Cornwall UK, the home to UK Surfing. Fistral showed us the best wave conditions of the tour in 2016., now in its 5th year as an IFWA step, Closing the European Championship and IFWA WCT Round 3 of the tour is again the hallowed city of Nazare’ Portugal. Pope Francis bumped FreeRide Portugal from the opener to the end of the Euro leg due to a planned visit to Portugal. In its second year with IFWA the municipality is legendary for surfing’s biggest wave, hospitality, fine seafood and a special place for FreeRide has been created recently by none other than Abraham Hochstrasser riding the winter wave which shall be showcased in an upcoming documentary.

From Europe our athletes take a break until September for IFWA WCT step 4-Blowsion Surf Slam in Pacific City, Oregon USA, a popular Pacific ocean locale. Followed by a return to the big leagues by Brazil with a grand event, IFWA WCT Step 5-Jet Waves, in October at Praia Brava Santa Caterina. This place is magic in surf terms and in fact is held in a super spot in Florianopolis known as the Magic Island. Brazil has in the past been our final and with the event returning to the southern state we will see a big turn out of Brasileiros and Argentinhos as the sport has been far form dormant in South America and promises to be a great competition in this exotic locale.

Wrapping up the 2017 Tour will be again Kamisu Beach just outside of Tokyo Japan in November. IFWA WCT Step 6-The Motor Surf & Scramble is the highest paying event of the tour and rightfully the final. There are few places that have such highly skilled riders with equipment that deserves to be showcased in a museum. Wave conditions can go from great to rough with a slight change in wind velocity and direction but the event hosts the best and the best will be on point to take the podium for the final round and Placement of the 2017 Champion. Hospitality in Japan is famous worldwide and The MS&S continues to uphold that tradition.

Amid the touring pilots Japan has a number of new names that were added last season to the dossier of IFWA members and they are as eager as any veteran member to make their mark in the history of FreeRide competition. Keep your eyes on Takaaki Murao, our host rider, Euro Tour participant Satoru Ueno, and the father son team of Tetsu and Gou Seto. Gou has his sights on Champions Jeremy Bosser , Jay Alazamatis and Mx100 for the top step and if its not this season be sure he will be #1 one day in the sit-down category if he can get past Ueno. Young and aggressive, Gou may have a bit to learn from the older champions but like Hugo Goirre, he is coming up fast.

Please Join us on the WCT and see what our sport is all about! A thrilling show of the worlds top PWC drivers in the best surf locations are sure to please everyone. To join the tour is to be one of our family and to visit any of the spectacular locations is to know cities well worth their status as tourist destinations. If you are unable to be with us you can follow the World Championship Tour in Pro Rider and World Jet Sports Magazines, pop in on the latest pictures on Instagram @IFWA_Freeride, Facebook and of course right here at www.IFWAFreeride.com Stop in frequently to see updates, rider info, Pics and links to streaming video.

We are watching the swell, checking the wind, IFWA PRO WCT Freeride is about to blow your minds. There is nothing quite like it anywhere and once you see what our athletes can do you are likely to join us for the fun for years to come.

We will be looking for YOU on the beach! Come and Catch our wave!

Mark Matsuda

President IFWA

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