Registration Info

Welcome to the International Freeride Watercraft Association’s Members Program!
The Members Program was designed to promote communication between the IFWA, Freeride Watercraft’s definitive voice on safety, technology, training and competition.

Along with the great benefits associated with IFWA membership, your support will help establish a concerted voice of likeminded individuals interested in expanding the sport of Freeride Watercraft.
The ongoing goals of the IFWA also includes:

  • The funding of Safety and Technical clinics to support the responsible growth of the sport
  • Research and development of groundbreaking products that help make Freeride Watercraft riding safer.
  • Conducting the IFWA World Pro Tour and International Championships
  • Expounding the principles and values of safety, training and fitness for Free riders of all persuasions.
  • IFWA Membership Benefits – Individual
  • Eligibility to Participate in IFWA Events
  • The IFWA conducts competitions each year, which are open only to IFWA members.


  • The Rules of Freeride Watercaft
    As Freeride Watercaft’s authoritative body, the IFWA writes and interprets the Rules of the Sport. The IFWA outlines the countless situations you may encounter as a promoter or competitor in Ocean conditions and tells you how to proceed.
  • Speakers’ Bureau
    IFWA staff members are happy to speak at member club meetings on a variety of ocean and Free riding related subjects, including rescue, environmental, exercise, training, safety, and event operations.

Membership Fees
The cost of the annual fees is $45.00 USD per event with the option of $150.00 for annual (all stops)